About Me

Welcome to my portfolio site. I’m Sarah Love Sager, and I’ll be your host this evening. Excuse the current mess the website is in; I’m in the middle of a redesign but expect to have it all functional again soon (hopefully).

Back to the logistics: I graduated from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, in December. Currently residing in the Des Moines area, I work for Meredith Corporation at Parenting.com. When looking at job and career options I go for the opportunities that will allow me to geek out as a profession. Meaning as an information hoarder I geek out about all facts and topics (given the chance to research). I don’t necessarily have a niche. I like to know as much as I can about something, so I can turn around and share with others. A story, an product, a TV show — anything. I want to know all about whatever “it” is.

My full resume can be downloaded, or seen on the resume page (when it is back online).

I can be contacted at:

Have a pitch or information for Parenting? Email me at sarah.sager@meredith.com.